Life Sciences

Fluent Translations is aware that this industry is driven by strict regulations that demand stringent accuracy. With this in mind, we focus on our complete quality management process to ensure you get a flawless translation, so your organization is equipped to meet all regulatory guidelines and standards in new global markets.

life-sciences-heroYou can rest assured that your organization will effectively communicate all information needed to meet regulatory standards in all markets, so you can get your medical and health care products approved, while meeting market expectations internationally. Our dedicated language experts combine language expertise and regulatory insights, to ensure that every aspect of your multi-lingual documentation is approval-ready. From clinical trials, packaging and labels, to product registrations and marketing content, we deliver flawless language solutions and translation services that ensure compliance and effective communication in every target market.

In this increasingly regulated industry, you need a language partner that can give you an edge to achieve global success

Fluent Translations utilizes linguists who specialize exclusively in medical and pharmaceutical writing and translation. As competition and regulations intensify, we help you manage your language requirements to ensure conformity, consistency and accuracy in all languages. We help ensure you maintain quality and consistency of translated content for all aspects of Life Sciences — from R&D to clinical trials, to packaging and labeling, to corporate communications ― with centralized translation that saves you time, money, and confusion. Remove language and cultural differences as a barrier to online communication and make your brand accessible to all potential buyers, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a medical device company, clinical research organization (CRO), hospital or pharmaceutical manufacturer, you can rely on Fluent Translations for precise translations, accurate technical terminology and appropriate localization. Our full suite of language solutions includes clinical trial translation, regulatory translation, medical interpretation and linguistic validation. Fluent Translations’ life sciences translation team has the regulatory knowledge and subject-matter expertise to ensure high-quality, accurate translations for every phase of your product life cycle — from pre-clinical to post-market.

It is critical that the translation company you partner with have the knowledge and expertise to help ensure your content communicates appropriately and meets international requirements and regulations. Our focus on quality and accuracy ensures your documentation is managed by our total quality process, enabling you to launch globally with confidence.

Trust Fluent Translations for your:

  • Product Labeling
  • Clinical Reports
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • Manuals & Instructions
  • Website Localization
  • Package Leaflets
  • Patient Information & Brochures

We will help you manage your language requirements to ensure conformity, consistency and accuracy in all languages. We build term base glossaries and utilize translation (TM) to save you costs and maintain consistency.