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Our mission: to keep your communications fluent in any language, across any platform

Our Translation & Linguistic Specialists are fluent in almost every language. Our team works from all corners of the globe to maximize both effectiveness and efficiency of your multilingual communications.

We value our partnership with you and continuously seek out ways to make your translation projects as cost-effective as possible including the use of translation
memory (TM), glossary creation and custom style guides.

Our industry-leading technology helps streamline the entire translation process, leveraging previously translated text to lower your costs, while also maintaining
your industry specific terminology and a consistent linguistic style.

Connect your customers to your products and services through documentation in their language.

Our thorough translation process, from project analysis to production and post-production ensures you get the highest level of accuracy. We manage all the moving parts that make up the translation process, all while saving you as much as 50% in costs and project time.

Who We Are

We’re a premier provider of multilingual translation services and solutions with offices in both Canada and the US. As a full-service translation agency, we also offer full graphic and DTP capabilities as well as document editing and proofreading.

Our notable focus on the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, education, Legal and Technology industries, means we offer specialized translation to clients of all sizes from all sectors including:

  • Operation Manuals
  • Regulatory Submissions
  • International Recruitment Brochures
  • Contracts
  • Sofware Strings eWebsite Content
  • Any complex technical and marketing documents you need.

We are committed to providing a seamless and accurate crossover from your language to that of your audience that retains both the original meaning and intent of the original language.

Why choose Fluent Translations

We only use in-country native translators who have the education and experience required to deliver accurate, industry-specific translation.

We are compliant with international standards and guides and integrate strict quality control procedures at every phase of the project workflow.

We utilize the latest CAT (Computer Assisted Translation tools) and translation memory (TM) technologies that leverage your existing content, making subsequent translation less expensive, while ensuring terminology consistency.

Our team of Desktop publishing specialists can format and deliver your multilingual projects using any so

Our core business values include:

  • Quality
  • Client focus
  • Integrity

Our Translators

“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” – Günter Grass

All our translators are linguistic experts that are not only native to the language and culture of your target audience, but they are also Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs). That means they have the relevant industry/subject-specific experience to communicate your message both accurately and effectively. We hand pick each of our translators to ensure your message stays ‘fluent’ — whether you need it presented in China, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, India, Romania, or anywhere in the world.

Fluent Translations takes pride in using only in-country linguistic specialists, which enables us to guarantee your message is communicated effectively in any language.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) / File Prep

Desktop Publishing is an integral step in the translation process.

In general, once transla3on has been completed, your document requires careful design and layout adjustments to ensure it looks natural in the new target language.

Many languages can take up 20 to 30% more space than English, therefore forming can be very challenging. Our desktop publishing specialists seamlessly weave newly translated text into previously existing layouts, without ever compromising the original document’s integrity —even in complex Asian languages, and right-to-left languages like Arabic. We incorporate and format the final transla3on in order to provide you with final files that “mirror” your source document.