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We specialize in providing translation and language services to the Manufacturing, Technology, Life Sciences, Legal and Marketing sectors. Certain industries require specific and highly complex translations. We hand pick each of our translators to ensure your message stays ‘fluent’ — whether you need it presented in China, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Russia, or anywhere in the world.


From localizing your operating, safety and training materials for a globally diverse/dispersed workforce and client base, to execution of your global digital transformation, Fluent Translations has a full range of technical translation services

Life Sciences

Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO and healthcare organizations trust Fluent Translations to ensure that critical information is conveyed effectively and accurately, so your organization is equipped to meet all regulatory guidelines and standards in any global market.


Fluent Translations supports meaningful school communication with current and potential students, parents and community members. When you need to communsvcate information about your institution’s study programs, course material or global nitiatives in a language your international audience can understand, trust our expertise to make it happen.


As a fast-paced technology company that drives innovation, you need an efficient translation management support system to continually simplify the process of creating and deploying your content in any language. Fluent Translations’ streamlined process enables us to pivot quickly to meet your evolving needs.

Legal / Financial

Whether your law firm requires an agreement/ or contract translated, your client is planning to launch a new product that requires a patent filed in a different anguage, or your client simply requires immigration documents translated – Fluent Translations understands that every translation onnected to the legal field requires a skilled translator with a strong legal background, along with fluency in your required language.

Public Sector

More Public Sector organizations than ever need to localize or officially translate their content to communicate effectively with their growing multicultural and multilingual audience. It is essential – sometimes even legally required – to produce material that your public can access in their native language. Fluent Translations can provide certified translations and official language services if needed.