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Education Translation Services

Educational institutions attract an ever growing number of international students, in addition to engaging in various international partnerships.

US and Canadian colleges, universities, and high schools are developing more and more courses and academic programs to entice these international students from all over the world. The need to communicate effectively in multiple languages, across multiple touchpoints is critical.

What we do

Connecting with potential students in other countries requires appropriate recruitment material.

Fluent Translations can properly equip your schools’ international agents with translated school brochures and promotional material to attract new international students.

As school populations grow more ethnically and culturally diverse, the need for effective global communication is greater than ever. Whether your mission is international recruitment, translating course content and curriculum information, or Student Policies & Procedures Guides, we provide culturally sensitive translation to help you maximize your communications with both current and potential students from across the globe.

  • International Recruitment Brochures
  • International Marketing Material
  • International Partnership Agreements
  • Syllabus and Course Content
  • Websites
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Virtual Tours

Specialized Support

Specialized support for K-12 and higher educational institutions

Educational institutions from K-12 to Colleges, Universities, private advanced technical and training schools have a more diverse student body than ever. We help ensure you get the right messaging in your parent and student handbooks, as well as all your special education needs for public, private, magnate and charter schools. We provide the crucial translation you need to maximize your communications with both current and potential students from across the globe.